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Underfloor heating reduces the energy consumption required for space heating by using low water temperatures to heat the space from the bottom up. Under floor heating can be used with almost all floor coverings such as wood, tile, carpet, etc. Heat sources for under floor heating systems can be heat pumps, wood chip or pellet stoves. Under Floor heating offers a number of features and advantages that benefit you directly. Dust mites require moisture to survive. With under floor heating dust mites are eliminated due to lack of moisture. This benefits people who are asthma sufferers or have other respiratory allergies.


Heat pump draw a heat energy from outdoor air using refrigerant to keep your home warm. Using an inverter provides the same effect in air conditioners. When an air conditioner starts up, the inverter sets it in full-power operation to quickly bring the room temperature to the set temperature. Once the set temperature is reached, the inverter maintains efficient operation to minimise the change in the room temperature. This prevents wasteful consumption of electricity and keeps the room temperature at a comfortable level.

aluminium radiators

Why aluminium radiator? – aluminium is an excellent thermal conductor thats mean it has the ability to heat up very quickly. Compared with steel or iron radiators, aluminum radiators stand out for a lower water content. Another huge advantage of aluminium radiators is the fact that they require far less energy to heat up. Corrosion is the primary cause of malfunctions in heating systems when using steel or iron radiators .
Not only does it deteriorate the components of the heating system, but over the years corrosion significantly reduces efficiency, increasing enegry consumption and of course monthly costs. Maybe it’s a good time to change it, and install new radistors.


Solar hot water heaters work in any climate. Thermal energy is heat energy (not of power generated by photovoltaic semiconductors). The sun’s thermal energy heats the fluid in the collectors on the roof. After then, fluid passes through a heat exchanger in the water storage tank, transferring the heat to your tap and shower. Using the sun’s thermal energy to heat water can dramatically reduce your electricity bill.

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